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The Egyptian women participated in 25th January Revolution and in demonstrations and sit-ins in various squares along with men. Yet, later steps and decisions by military council and the government prevent women from participating in these decisions systemically and in intended way. Women participated in some committees none seriously and in marginalized way. 

Thus, the Alliance for Arab Women (AAW) consider the necessity of holding a wide national conference for the civil society to assure the women participation in the transaction period to achieve the revolution goals. This conference was held in 4th June in 2011 in conference hall in Nasr City and was attended by about 2500 of civil society representatives from all governorates. The conference was concluded with a Charter and many suggestions and recommendations the first of which was to revive the Egyptian Feminist Union that was established by Hoda Sharawy in 1923 and that was dissolved in 1950s. So to establish EFU the following steps have been followed:
1- A meeting was held with 31 NGOs to discuss the steps of establishing the union. The attendance agreed to assign AAW to be responsible of preparing the necessary papers and the legal steps to establish and register the union.
2- AAW contacted with the Ministry of Social Affairs and follow the necessary steps upon which the union was officially registered in 22nd November 2011 under no. 613; we were informed by the registration on Sunday 25 December.
3- The committee of EFU founders (15 NGOs from different governorates) met to select the body of the office which consists of four members and executive committee that consist of 8 members. The head, deputy head, treasurer and general secretary of the union have been elected.
4- The EFU executive committee met and recommended the formation of consultant technical committee for the union to met periodically, and whenever needed, the committee also recommended many names who interested in and active in women issues for the membership of the committee.

EFU competences
EFU, on behalf of its members NGOs, undertake the role of speaker and observer of women's rights. Its missions include:
• Creating database includes all associations and organizations that work in non governmental volunteering field and which interested in women's rights and affairs.
• Conducting researches and studies about women's issues and working upon disseminating the studies' results.
• Working upon coordinating the efforts among different associations interested in women's rights.
• Providing technical support for associations and civil society organizations that work in women's rights field to put their future plans and their strategies.
• Strengthening and developing the capacities of employees and volunteers in the field of women's issues in NGOs.
• Raising the society's awareness concerning human rights topics that related to women.
• Searching various funding sources that help in completing and increasing the programs and services of EFU to support women's issues.

EFU seeks to coordinate the interested efforts in women's issues to create an aware society that believes in equality, citizenship, social justice, human dignity and respects women's rights.
EFU works with different societal bodies to enable different categories of women to practice heir human rights and undertake societal responsibilities. EFU also encourages women to participate in public policies, legislations and general decisions to achieve equality and democracy.

Sara Ghanem Programs Coordinatorin efu

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